Serte Donderwinkel

I am a PhD student in the probability group in the Department of Statistics at the University of Oxford, where I am supervised by Prof. Christina Goldschmidt. My doctoral research is supported by a Clarendon Scholarship.

I am also a Stipendiary Lecturer at St Hugh's College at the University of Oxford, where I teach Pure Mathematics to the first-year students and Statistics to the second-year students.

My research focuses on the structure of large random graphs. I have primarily worked on obtaining metric space scaling limits of random graphs. I have obtained new universality results for the (directed) configuration model. Moreover, during a six-month-long visit to Prof. Louigi Addario-Berry at McGill, we resolved a number of conjectures on the height of random trees, using a combinatorial bijection we discovered.

Together with Joost Jorritsma, Prof. Christina Goldschmidt and Prof. Remco van der Hofstad, I organize the nine-day-long RandNET Workshop on Random Graphs, which is aimed primarily at young researchers. More info can be found here.


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  1. Random trees have height O(√n), with Louigi Addario-Berry, (2022), 33pp, preprint

  2. A new proof for Cayley's formula, with Louigi Addario-Berry, Mickaël Maazoun and James Martin (2021), 10pp, preprint

  3. Universality for the directed configuration model: metric space convergence of the strongly connected components at criticality, with Zheneng Xie (2021), 86pp, preprint and video,

  4. Convergence of the height process of supercritical Galton-Watson forests with an application to the configuration model in the critical window (2021), 43pp, preprint


I am a tutor for all first-year courses in pure mathematics and for second-year statistics at St. Hugh's College at the University of Oxford. Previous teaching roles can be found on my CV.

Upcoming events

  1. Probability seminar, University of Bath, February 28 2022, Invited talk

  2. 16th Annual Workshop on Probability and Combinatorics, Barbados, March 2022, Invited

  3. 42nd Conference on Stochastic Processes and their Applications, Wuhan, June 2022, Invited talk

  4. MSRI Random Graphs Summer Graduate School, Berkeley, July 2022, Attending as teaching assistant

  5. RandNET Workshop on Random Graphs, Eindhoven, August 2022, Organizer


  1. The ant in the labyrinth, written in April 2018 as part of Part iii of the Mathematics Tripos at the University of Cambridge, supervised by Perla Sousi, primarily based on a paper by Noam Berger, Nina Gantert and Yuval Peres

  2. Stein's method applied to preferential attachment graphs, written in June 2016 as part of BSc in Mathematics at the University of Groningen, supervised by Daniel Rodrigues-Valesin and Aernout van Enter, primarily based on a paper by Nathan Ross